Types of transportation

Gas tankers:


This group of equpiments is used for convence of under pressure (gas) liquid, such as L-P-G gas,

Butance, Propane, Pentane,c4cut and c3.Currently the company has over 25 Iranian and

 foreign bunkers working on different routes. The measrement equpiments installed on this group

 of tanker such as thermommeter, barometer and relief valves control the safety level of equipments in

 different weather condition. Measurement equipments installed on this group of tankers are

calibrated in different periods and are under the control of inspection companies.

Iranian and foreign tankers  have he world standard and tank testing certificats and they are tested

and inspected during the specified length.

Shabahang azin has given its customers the opportunity to transit their goods in the shortest

possible time.


Land transport:

Land transport of goods (/http://fsetrade.com) is one of te oldest way of goods transport in the world and it is appropriate for transport of many cargos in terms of price and speed. Currently , a main part of commercial goods in the world is done through roads and for meeting the needs of customers using goods land transport and transit , shabahang azin Internastional Transportstion Company with more than 5 years of work records in the field of transport, offer different services in this field. Two major ways of land transportation are rail transport.

I n land transport (/http://fsetrade.com)bill of loading is issued as for other types of transport; i. e.      a cargo wich is transported from one point to the other by truck has a bill of loading, wich      includes the following items:

1.     Details and the address of the sender of goods

2.     Origination of good

3.     Details and address of the receiver of goods

4.     Number of packages and size and weight of goods

5.     Type of goods

6.     Destination and place of receipt of good

7.     Transport fare

8.     Number of cpies of the bill of the loading must be at leaset three and the first copy is usually deposited with th sender, the second copy is sent to the receiver and the third copy is

            submitted to the carrier and the sende and carrier must sign that.




Shabahang Azin International Transportation Company with 25 years of work records in the field of transship and experienced personnel, ill transport your goods in the shortest possible time and minimum costs. Sea Road Transport and Logistics Company suggests you to transit goods through transship  and either ways of FCL and LCL.

The benefits of using our transship services are as folows:

-         Secure services with competitive rates

-         High standard in the world service

-         Special and fixed transit time including all situation in transport chain

-         Excellent performance/price rate

-         Very high level of flexibility

Our services have also the following conditions:

Merge services

Picking up and carrying with truck


Following up and carring


Customs clearance , delivery at your location and transport of high-risk goods

Importation /exportation, FCL/LCL

Compilation of issuance documents

Customs clearance in exports and imports

Multi-state transportation

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Carrying fuel or ransit of gas


Carrying fuel or ransit of gas, fuel and petroleum products is one of the most difficult and risky types of transport. This type of transportation is mostly done through land, maritime and rail transport and these sevices are done according to special rules and regulations. The transport of fuels must be possible done by vehicles havingroofs so that it may be preserved from the sunlight or rain. International transport companies for transiting lpg liquid gas, fuels must refer to the mentioned organization for coordination and determination of the passageway from the origin to destination, present the written request with declaration of the owner of good, and get the permit and passageway of dangerous materials.

Shabahang Azin Company is working in the field of tansit of petroleum products, petrol, oil, bitumen, fuel oil, crude oil and liquid gas by the mostt equipped and up –to-date fleet of the country sent to different parts of the country or neighboring countries, Clearance, importation and exportation of crude oil and oil products requires specialty and experience. Shabahang Azin International Transportation Company, with more than 25 years of work records and most up-

 to-date transportation equipments and rquired specialty and with 25 tankers for conveyance of

 LPG liquid gas, is prepared to offer services in this field.

1.     Maritime transportation

2.     Land transportation

3.     Oil products transportation

4.     LPG gas transportation