About Us

Shabahang Azin International Transportation Company was established in 1994 to work in the field of international transportation  and has got all required permits for official activity as carrier and

Forwarder from all related authorities and organizations.

With experinced personnel and by using the latest technical and scientific principles in planning and  performance off transportation operations according to features of each special case such as

 properties of goods, seasonal flucteations and other features for minimizing the costs of  

Transportation by keeing he qualty of servics, speed increase and promotion of efficiency of

 operations by using the network of intrnal and foreign agencies and today's deadly fleet of

the  world, this company brings about assurance for traders and merchants.


Contact Us

Tel.: +98-51-38114556-7

  • FAX: +98-51-38114558

E-mail: info@shabahangazin.com

ئAddress: Unit 2,6th  floor, Marmar Bldg., Imam Khomeini 28 Blvd. mashhad-Iran


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